GP TITAN Tank - Gas and Waterproofing for Tanking Underground Structures

Size: GP TITAN Tank post-applied Type A Gas and Waterproofing Membrane, Black
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GP TITAN Tank is a two in one product for gas, waterproofing and tanking of underground structures, where harmful ground gases are anticipated. It has a self-adhesive, SBS polymer modified bitumen backing, with an upper surface finish of Quadproof.


GP TITAN Tank can be used in both horizontal and vertical applications and is suitable for all ground floor and basement construction, including lift pits, slabs, liner walls, capping beams and service penetrations.

When compared to the vast majority of existing Type A Waterproofing membranes, GP TITAN is on average, TWO THOUSAND times better performing as a ground gas barrier, as well as providing superior durability and longevity.

GP TITAN Flex can be installed using either the appropriate TITAN Tape or welded joints (please speak to your Wykamol Technical Manager as this will be dependent on the application method).

  • VOC and Hydrocarbon barrier - The first (and currently only) membrane available to full achieve the requirements of C748 for chemical testing as a bonded type A membrane
  • Full surface contact between the membrane and concrete
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Manufactured to meet the most up to date British Standards - BS8485:2015 and BS8102:2009
  • Can be installed in all weather conditions
  • Exceptional chemical resistance
  • High resistance to ground gases
  • Long term durability (performance guaranteed for the lifetime of the building)
  • Compatible with all building materials
  • Waterproofing barrier and Gas proofing barrier in one

GP TITAN Tank - Gas and Waterproofing for Tanking

TDS GP TITAN Tank 2019 03

Product Description GP TITAN Tank post-applied Type A Gas and Waterproofing Membrane, Black
Packaging and Size 1 m x 20 m
Coverage 20 m²
Storage Store horizontally. pallets should not be stacked on top of each other. keep away from high temperatures and open flames.
Shelf Life The lifetime of the building when appropriately stored and installed.

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