Lectros Earth Wire

Size: Lectros Earth Wire in Yellow and Green
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The Lectros Earth Wire is used to connect the earth rod to the rest of the Lectros System, and allows current to travel through it to the ground.


The Lectros DPC System introduces a small and very safe electrical current through walls suffering from rising damp. This current repels the rising moisture down the wall and prevents it from returning, ensuring walls remain dry.

The Lectros Osmotic Damp-proofing System has been installed in over 200,000 properties over the last 30 years.

  • Low cost solution
  • Hardly any invasion of the building structure
  • Suitable for all types of masonry walls - brick, stone, rubble filled walls and concrete
  • Low energy consumption
  • 100% safe for people, animals and plants
  • Completely reversible - Desirable feature for conservationists and Historic England
  • Easy to monitor using Lectros Digital Diagnostic Power Unit
  • Platinum coated titanium anodes ensure outstanding reliability and resistance to chemical and physical attack
  • Chemical free and Eco-friendly

TDS The Lectros System 2010


Lectros System Installation Guide


Product Description Lectros Earth Wire in Yellow and Green
Product Code EARTHWIRE
Packaging and Size Multiples of 10 metres and 1.5 mm thickness

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