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QuickPrime 2K Epoxy CF (20 L)

QuickPrime 2K Epoxy CF (20 L)

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QuickPrime 2K Epoxy CF is a 2-part, medium viscosity, multipurpose, epoxy resin which can be used as an epoxy primer, levelling mortar and mortar screed

  • QuickPrime 2K Epoxy CF may only be used by experienced professionals.

  • Priming concrete substrates, cement screeds and epoxy mortars 

  • For low to medium absorbent substrates

  • Primer for the VIP elastomeric lining systems

  • Binder for levelling mortars and mortar screeds

  • Medium viscosity

  • Good penetration

  • Good bond strength

  • Easy application

  • Short waiting times

  • Multi-purpose

QuickPrime 2K Epoxy C

QuickPrime 2K Epoxy C