VIP QuickPrime 2K Epoxy SF21 (20 L) Polyurea Primer

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Quick Prime 2K Epoxy SF 21 is a two-component modified epoxy resin specifically designed for sealing and priming concrete substrates. It`s unique formulation allows for full curing on concrete substrates that have relatively high residual moisture content. In the cured state Quick Prime 2K Epoxy SF 21 functions as barrier against residual moisture and water vapour.

Quick Prime 2K Epoxy SF21 is low in viscosity making it easy to apply evenly and quickly and allows for deep penetration of the primer into the concrete substrate. This deep penetration not only improves adhesion but helps to “seal” the concrete minimising outgassing and blistering problems often associated with over coating with hot spray coating systems. Although specifically designed for concrete substrates
Quick Prime 2K Epoxy SF21 also displays excellent adhesion to correctly prepared steel substrates. The product can be mixed with clean dry quartz sand to make a repair mortar or levelling screed.
  • As a moisture blocking primer on concrete and cement-based screeds subject to high residual moisture content
  • As a repair screed when mixed with dry, clean quartz sand
  • As temporary corrosion protection for blasted metal substrates
  • As a metal Primer when top coated a high build VIP protective coating

 Solvent free (SF)

  • Mix ratio ratio is 2 : 1 (comp. B to comp. A) by volume
  • Volumetric mix ratio makes on-site mixing easy and convenient
  • Low viscosity results in easy application and deep penetration into substrate
  • Fast tack-free and overcoat times and a long overcoat window
  • Excellent bonding on dry to damp concrete substrates
  • Excellent adhesion to correctly prepared metallic substrates
  • Provides a barrier to residual moisture and water vapour.

QuickPrime 2K Epoxy SF21 (20 L)


    QuickPrime 2K Epoxy SF

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