Sikalastic 701 UV Resistant Top Coat for Sika Roof Coatings (Paint or Roller On)

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Sikalastic®-701 is a 2-part, polyurethane hybrid, gloss finish top coat for Sika® Liquid Applied Membrane waterproofing systems.

  • Sikalastic®-701 may only be used by experienced professionals.
  • A gloss finish top coat for:
    Sika® Liquid Applied Membrane systems
    Sika® 2-C spray applied PU/PUA systems
    For the following waterproofing system applications:
  • Newly applied or renovating existing membranes
  • Flat and pitched roof structures
  • Communal walkways
  • Podium decks
  • Terrace roofs
  • For exterior use only
Sikalastic®810 Datasheet

  • Aliphatic polyurethane providing UV and yellowing resistance
  • Good long term weathering performance
  • Good colour stability and gloss retention
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Low soiling and easily cleanable Suitable for cool roofs by providing a high Solar Reflective Index
  • Resistant to ponding water

CE Marking and Declaration of Performance to European Technical Assessment ETA-20/0248, based on ETAG 005 Part 1 and Part 6 — Liquid applied roof waterproofing kits. Part 1: General. Part 6: Specific stipulations for Kits based on Polyurethane ▪ Fire Testing EN 13501-1, Sikalastic®-701, Sikalastic®- 702, warringtonfire, Report No.19896B ▪ Fire Testing EN 13501-5, Sikalastic®-612, BRE, Report No.Q100536-1001 ▪ Fire Testing EN 13501-5, Sikalastic®-614, BRE, Report No.Q100536-1003 ▪ Abrasion resistance AR0.5(Special), Sikalastic®- 614/701, FACE, Test report No. FC/18/8048 ▪ Abrasion resistance AR0.5(Special), Sikalastic®-701, Sikalastic®-702, FACE, Test report No. FC/18/8048


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