Sikalastic Primer - 01 (4.73 or 12.5 KG) Increased Bond and Adhesion for Roof Systems

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SikaProof Primer 01 is solvent-dispersed synthetic rubber and resin based used as a primer for SikaProof waterproofing system to increase the adhesion and bond to the comply substrate.


SikaProof A, pre-applied waterproofing system, as a primer for better adhesion of the internal SikaProof Tape 150 onto the internal side of the fleece surface.

SikaProof P and SikaBit S-515, post-applied self-adhesive sheet waterproofing system, as primer for better adhesion and bond effect to the comply substrate.

    • High adhesion and bonding ability on various substrates
    • Good binding ability for dust and loose particles
    • Quick drying time, especially at low temperatures
    • Ready to use by brush, roller or spray

    For more details please download the product data sheet from the 'DATASHEETS' tab above. It is important that the manufacturer is contacted before use of these systems as a site visit/written specification may be required prior to use of these systems to ensure correct installation and suitability for the project in question.



    Sikalastic Primer - 01 (4.73 or 12.5 KG)



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