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SilaCote ST 100 Instant Hydrophobic Waterproof Roof Coating

Save £59.26 inc.VAT

Size: 6.5KG
Color: White
Sale price£136.49 inc.VAT Regular price£195.75 inc.VAT



SilaCote is a premium, liquid applied, permanent elastic, cold applied and cold curing,  moisture triggered, silane, aliphatic membrane used for long-lasting waterproofing. 

SilaCote Liquid silicone Waterproofing System is completely isocyanate free, single liquid component roofing system, containing no solvents, no volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and does not require classification or marking as a hazardous substance.

  • Moisture triggered curing process.
  • SilaCote is mostly independent from the weather it can be applied under almost any conditions, even on cold, damp days. 
  • SilaCote Polymer modified waterproofing membranes can bridge cracks caused by movement of the substrate. Liquid waterproofing membranes can be applied easily, even on damp substrates and dry very quickly.
  • Silacote Systems comply with the BBA and European Technical Approval Guidelines (ETAG) for liquid applied roof waterproofing for all listed use categories.

    • Waterproofing for new build, repair or refurbishment projects
    • Flat roofs, balconies, terraces, walkways
    • Recoating failed single ply roofs
    • Roof detailing, e.g. light domes, air conditioning outlets
    • Internal plant rooms and wet rooms
    • Complex detailing, up-stands, penetrations and terminations
    • Warm roofs, cold roofs, and inverted warm roofs
    • Green roofs, brown roofs and living walls
    • Horizontal under-tile waterproofing
    • Waterproofing gutters, valley gutters and drainage channels
    • Heritage properties and lead replacement
    • Builges
    • Tank flotation compartments
    • Ponds, fountains and water features (100% Fish Safe Pond)
    • And many more - contact technical for more information

    Ready to use, single liquid component

       ✔Single component system

       ✔No mixing errors

    No primer required

       ✔Excellent adhesion to most conventional substrates

     Easy to apply

       ✔No overcoat time limitations

       ✔Excellent overcoat ability/adhesion to 2nd layer

       ✔Very easy to repair

       ✔Apply with brush roller or airless spray equipment

       ✔Applied all year round above -5°C 

       ✔Flexible from -40 °C to +80 °C


       ✔Solvent free


       ✔Virtually odourless

       ✔No VOCs

       ✔Good mechanical Adhesion

       ✔Excellent resistance to chemicals

      ✔No hot works required

    Requires no top coat

       ✔No colour change

       ✔100% - Aliphatic - UV Stable

       ✔100% solids

       ✔Temperature stability

       ✔No shrinkage

        ✔Excellent flow values

    Short drying times with early rain resistance

       ✔Water repellent on application

       ✔Rainproof in 20 minutes.

       ✔Allows Vapour transfusion

       ✔Resistant to standing /ponding water

       ✔No re-emulsifying

       ✔Applicable under humid or cold conditions

       ✔Minimal wastage

    Fire Rating

    SilaCote has a B fire rating which is much higher than most other liquid coatings. Now, more than ever, specifiers require reassurance and peace of mind when specifying building products for their construction projects with higher fire ratings.

    Fire testing is standardised through the use of EN 13501-1: Fire classification of construction products and building elements. The most widely recognised standards are the German (DIN 4102) and French (NF P 92 503-507 (M1)). The European classifications based on the EN13501-1 standard break down into codes.

    Products that have been given a fire rating on the European Classification will look like the following: A2, s1,d1. This classification shows the properties of a product based on 3 criteria.

    There are 7 reaction to fire classifications levels available:
    The reaction to fire classification determines how much (if any) a material contributes to the spread of flame:

    A1, A2 = Non Combustible Materials.

    B, C, D = Ranges from very limited to medium contribution to fire.

    E, F = High contribution to fire.

    The ‘s’ part relates to total smoke propagation, during the first ten minutes of exposure.
    These determine a ‘smoke’ index:
    S1 = a little or no smoke

    S2 = quite a lot of smoke

    S3 = substantial smoke

    The ‘d’ part relates to ‘flaming droplets and particles’ during the first 10 minutes of exposure.
    The index is:
    D0 = none

    D1 = some

    D2 = quite a lotRanges from very limited to medium contribution to fire.

    SilaCote ST 100 Instant Hydrophobic Waterproof Roof Coating

      SilaCote ST 100 Instant Hydrophobic Waterproof Roof Coating
      SilaCote ST 100 Instant Hydrophobic Waterproof Roof Coating


      Primers are not required.



       SilaCote ST 100 Instant Hydrophobic Waterproof Roof Coating

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