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Soudatherm Roof 330 PU foam adhesive

Size: 10.4Kg
Color: Orange
Size 10.4kg
Colour orange
Pack Type canister
Box Unit 1
Short Description PU foam insulation adhesive
Price Per Unit £306.08
Sale price£353.95 inc.VAT


PU foam adhesive

Polyurethane adhesive foam in large canister format for the efficient, clean, economical and durable bonding of roofing insulation boards onto most underlying roofing substrates. The filling characteristics of the adhesive make it suitable for uneven surfaces. The adhesive can be applied efficiently and quickly with an adjustable gun system. Covers large areas much quicker than other fixing methods. Ideal for all large scale industrial and construction applications, each canister bonds up to 120M².

Open technical data sheet

  • Large canister format sprayable roofing insulation adhesive
  • Fast drying
  • Fast strength build-up
  • High bond strength
  • Suitable for most insulation boards and most roofing substrates
  • Suitable for uneven surfaces
  • Quicker and more efficient than other fixing methods

Technical data sheet

  • The materials should be clean and free of dust and grease. Loose parts should be removed and the surface should be coated with a primer if necessary. For renovation and especially ballasted roofs, make sure the bonding surface is firmly attached to the substructure. At least 4 beads / m² (30mm diameter) should be applied (80 to 100 g/m²). On the corners and the edges of the roof, at least 8 beads are recommended. The correct number of beads (and thus the usage of adhesive) can be calculated according to EN 1991-1-4. The region, the roof area, the location and structure height and also the location on the roof (middle, corners or edges) are factors that have to be taken into account. On uneven surfaces (for example old bituminous roofing felts), more adhesive (thicker bead up to 50 mm or beads extruded with the Soudatherm Applicator) needs to be applied in order to make sure that there is at least 40% adhesive transfer between surface and insulation panel. The maximal acceptable unevenness beneath the insulation panels is 1 cm. In the case of steeldeck, the adhesive is applied in beads on the top (upper side) of the steeldeck. In case that a vapor barrier is present on the steeldeck, the adhesive should still be applied on the top (upper side) of the steeldeck in beads and not in e.g. a zigzag pattern between the tops. When the boards are pulled back or displaced during the curing of the adhesive (and the filling adhesive layer is broken), it’s necessary to apply extra adhesive to get a good bond. Cured adhesive should be removed mechanically. The installer must ensure that the adhesive is fully cured before the membrane is applied to the insulation board. After 30 minutes, the roofing membrane can be placed on the insulation panels. Limit walking on the panels to a minimum during the first 60 minutes (Certainly with uneven surfaces).
  • Bonding of most common roofing insulation materials such as PIR/PUR (mineral-coated glass fibre, bituminous glass fibre and aluminium foiled), expanded polystyrene, mineral insulation materials, extruded polystyrene, phenolic foam and mineral wool. These materials can be bonded onto most underlying surfaces; insulation onto insulation (multi-layer), masonry surfaces, steel roof decks, bituminous roofing felts, wooden boards, hard PVC, plaster. Also directly onto vapour barriers, subject to the technical approval of the manufacturer.

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