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Soudatight SP Applicator Gun

Style: Application gun Soudatight
Color: Black
Sale price£88.95 inc.VAT


Application gun Soudatight

A pneumatic gun used to apply Soudatight SP GUN from the packaging directly onto the substrate.The Soudatight GUN comes with two specially designed nozzles to get the desired spray pattern in and around window joints.

Accessory for Soudatight Gun

Set of 5 specialist applicator nozzles used to apply Soudatight SP Gun. Used in conjunction with a compressor and Soudatight SP Gun. Achieve a narrow spray pattern – typically 2-3cm. Very easy to clean using water, after applications.

Featured properties
  • Heavy duty
  • Quick and efficient application
  • Easy switching between horizontal and vertical applications
  • Easy to clean

  • Instructions

    • Turn the suction tube into the gun turn the nozzle on to the gun (turn the nut otherwise there is the risk of damaging the nozzle). Connect the Soudatight GUN on to compressed air (compressor) and adjust the pressure between 3 and 5 bar (depending on application).


    Soudatight SP (1 Litre)  Air- and vapour tight membrane

    Soudatight SP (1 Litre)  Air- and vapour tight membrane

    AIRTIGHT premium quality, polymer paint which is spray applied using a compressor and our specialist Soudatight SP Gun Applicator and Nozzles. Forms an airtight and vapour tight elastic membrane after drying. Works on almost all mineral surfaces. Changes colour after drying from blue to black. Once dry a second coat (or more) can be applied if required. Can also be painted or plastered over once dry.

    Open technical data sheet

    • Air- and vapour tight
    • Stays elastic after curing and very sustainable
    • Forms a seamless membrane
    • Very good adhesion on many porous materials
    • Good adhesion on slightly moist substrates
    • Good adhesion on slightly dusty substrates
    • Can be painted, plastered or taped after drying
    • Meets GEV EMICODE EC-1 PLUS: very low emission

    Technical data sheet

    • Make sure that Soudatight SP GUN is at roomtemperature before use. Shake the can well before use. Turn the suction tube into the gun and screw the bus airtightness paste under the Soudatight GUN. Turn the nozzle on to the gun (turn the nut otherwise there is the risk of damaging the nozzle). Connect the Soudatight GUN on to compressed air (compressor) and adjust the pressure between 3 and 5 bar (depending on application). More pressure results in more product, less pressure ensures that there is an uneven spray pattern. Hold the can upright during processing and spray at a distance of 2 to 5 cm. Apply the airtightness paste undiluted and evenly in several layers (at least 2) on the substrate to a layer thickness of minimum 1 mm and maximum 3 mm. For the best possible coverage, the product is applied the second time under a different angle. It is recommended to apply the 2nd layer only after skin formation occurs at the first layer. The application thickness must be measured (wet) using a wet film comb. For window applications, ensure that the airtightness paste forms a seamless membrane of at least 3 mm on the window frame, over the flexible foam to ± 5 cm on the reveal area of the structural work. By turning the nozzle a quarter turn, one can switch between a vertical or horizontal application. The use of masking tape (on the window frame) is recommended. This should, however, be removed shortly after the application of Soudatight SP GUN, before curing. After use, remove the can with the airtightness paste from the Soudatight GUN and take water in (eg. from a bucket) in order to clean the suction tube and the gun internally. Before curing, Soudatight SP GUN can be removed with water from substrates and tools.
    • For air- and vapour tight finishing of window connections: inside inner leaf (reveal area) or outside inner leaf (prior to application of the facade insulation).

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