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Superfast Aluminium Epoxy Putty Stick

Sale price£14.02 inc.VAT


Superfast Aluminium is a fast working, easy-to-use epoxy putty in stick format formulated for the permanent repair of aluminium alloy, other alloys and metalwork.

It is suitable for the repair and maintenance of industrial equipment, rebuilding torn screw-holes in aluminium and sealing leaks in radiators and boats. It is also used to repair aluminium castings and tanks.

Superfast Aluminium Epoxy Putty provides high-strength bonding of aluminium to aluminium, alloy to alloy, and aluminium and alloys to other metals, many plastics, wood, glass and masonry.

It sets to a light grey metallic colour like aluminium. It is suitable for interior and exterior use, is resistant to water, chemicals and temperature extremes and has a work time of 5-10 minutes.

How to repair aluminium and other alloys using Superfast Aluminium Epoxy Putty Stick

Superfast Aluminium comes in a pre-formatted 114g stick which is 22mm diameter x 175mm long. To use, you simply cut off the required amount of putty from the stick and knead it by hand. As the putty is mixed, the two contrasting colours will blend to silver-grey to indicate successful mixing.

Whilst soft, the putty is pushed into holes and cracks in aluminium and other metalwork where it will fill the hole and set rock hard. For bonding, you apply the putty and use it to attach the pieces requiring repair together whilst Superfast Aluminium is still soft.

Superfast Aluminium has a work time of approximately 4 minutes. Within 5-10 minutes, it will harden and form a cohesive bond. A full repair is completed in 1 hour, after which systems can be put back into service.

It contains no solvents or VOC’s, it is non-flammable and releases no noxious fumes. It will not shrink, pull away or corrode. The unused portion of Aluminium Stick stays fresh for future use when saved in its original package.

For repairs to metalwork subjected to temperatures up to 280°C, then please see Superfast Titanium Stick.

Benefits of Superfast Aluminium Epoxy Putty Stick

  • Specially formulated for use with aluminium and other alloys
  • Easy to use – simply cut off the putty, knead and apply by hand
  • Repairs can be made in under 15 minutes
  • Cures to a silver grey colour to match aluminium
  • Does not rust or corrode


  • Sealing leaks in boats and in aluminium radiator repair applications
  • Repairing aluminium castings and tanks
  • Rebuilding torn screw-holes in aluminium
  • Maintenance and repair of industrial equipment

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