SwellSeal Waterbar - Waterproofing Joints in Precast Concrete Applications

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Size: SwellSeal Waterbar 18MM X 7MM (72MTRS IN A BOX)
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SwellSeal Waterbar is an extruded rubber compound made from butyl rubber, hydrophilic resin, polyethylene, silicone and special admixtures. It is used to seal joints on many poured-in-place and below-ground precast concrete applications.


SwellSeal produces a water-tight seal when under conditions of confinement as it moulds itself to the surrounding surfaces. On contact with water it is capable of swelling up to 4 times its own volume, even fillings gaps which are uneven in size. This means SwellSeal can be used without the need for any high-compression force.

  • Capable of swelling up to 4 times in volume
  • Can withstand up to 5 bar of hydrostatic pressure
  • Can be used in conjunction with non-expanding rubber
  • Reversible expansion process
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for vertical and horizontal
  • Ideal for around pipework due to slim 7 mm thickness

SwellSeal Waterbar - Waterproofing Joints in Precast

TDS Waterproofing Solutions SwellSeal WPTDS25 2019 03

    Product Description SwellSeal Waterbar
    Product Code SWELLSEAL18
    Packaging and Size 18 mm x 7 mm
    Coverage 72 m (each pack contains 6 x 12 m rolls)
    Storage Store in dry conditions, protected from direct sunlight, forst and water, in temperatures > 5°C and < 70°C. Please note once wet this product will swell and will not return to original size.
    Life Expectancy 3 years when stored correctly.

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