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Helical Mechanical Replacement Wall Ties (200 Units)

Save £272.65 inc.VAT

Size: PN1FX x 10 x 175 (200)
Sale price£1.35 inc.VAT Regular price£274.00 inc.VAT


Replacement Cavity Wall Ties

For brick and softer host substrates, all ties are 10mm in
width and come in six sizes 175mm, 200mm, 213mm,
225mm, 250mm and 305mm. Sold in packs of 200.

PRODUCT CODE: PN1FX x 10 x 175
PRODUCT CODE: PN1FX x 10 x 200
PRODUCT CODE: PN1FX x 10 x 213
PRODUCT CODE: PN1FX x 10 x 225
PRODUCT CODE: PN1FX x 10 x 250
PRODUCT CODE: PN1FX x 10 x 305

Wall ties are an essential element for the stability of a cavity wall structure, tying its
weather protecting brick façade to the main body of a building. An effective brick tie
system transfers static and live loads across the cavity, enabling load-sharing by both
inner and outer walls. Typically cavity wall ties are bedded in a mortar bed joint as a
building is constructed.
Cavity tie failure can be a consequence of a construction defect; for example where the original ‘built-in’ cavity wall ties have been omitted, incorrectly fixed or fitted with brick ties that are too short. Alternatively failure may be a result of a buildings aging process, whereby wall tie corrosion may have compromised the walls load sharing capability. Over time mortar joints, which host the wall ties, undergo a chemical change through carbonation. The mortar becomes aggressive to the base steel and its protective coatings, reducing the life expectancy of cavity tie systems to as little as 26 years.
The design life of the building is typically much longer than this period and it therefore follows that at some point a remedial retroit replacement of the brick ties may be necessary if the stability and load sharing capacity of the wall is to be maintained.
  • Reliable in all types of masonry
  • Unobtrusive to the overall structure
  • Robust and corrosion free
  • Engineered product upgrade
  • Patented helix consistency
  • Does not rely on adhesion
  • Not affected by extreme temperatures, including fire
  • Deep and continuous helical troughs prevent migration of water across the cavity
  • Loads are spread evenly across the full penetrative length of the tie

Thor Helical Mechanical Replacement Wall Ties for Cavity

TDS Thor Helical Remedial Cd Wall Ties 2015


Thor Helical Mechanical Replacement Wall Ties for Cavity

Thor Helical Remedial CD Wall Tie Kit User Guide

About Wall Ties and Cavity Wall Failure

Thor Helical Mechanical Replacement Wall Ties for Cavity

Wall Ties and Cavity Wall Failure


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