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Winkler ONE - BC Seal Pad

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Use BC SEAL PAD (Self-Adhesive Butyl Square Pad) around tubes, vent pipes, drains, etc. In case the substrate is damp, first apply a skim coat of ONE, prior to the application of any butyl accessory.

BC Seal Pad has excellent adhesion to concrete, plaster boards, (plastic, bituminous membranes, EPDM, metal).

Winkler ONE - BC Seal Pad

It is fully compatible with all cured liquid applied WINKLER materials.

Do not use to seal cracks or pinholes of the walls of pipes with running water.

For joints, overlap at least 5 cm required.


  •  Ventilation pipes

  •  Drains

  •  Pipe joining

  •  General protrusive parts


  • Size: 320mm x 320mm
  • Ready to use
  • Self-Adhesive
  • Waterproof
  • Paintable
  • Standard length and width: 320 mm
Useful Advice

Before applying the product, it is recommended to repair any surface irregularities, paste any detached tiles, and check hidden wet in order to prevent the formation of vapour pressure. 

Cover the product within 18h. Avoid using in imminence of rain or on wet surfaces. Working temperature range for applied product: -22F and 176F (-30°C and +90°C). 

The product has 12 months stability from the production date if properly packed and not opened. Store in a ventilated room sheltered from dampness at temperature between + 5° C and + 35 °C. 

Application temperatures: 41F and 95F (+5°C and +35°C). Pad dimensions: 1219/32 inches x 1219/32 inches (32 cm x 32 cm).

About ONE

The 1st and ONLY - All Weather Roof or Floor Coating - Wet, Cold or Hot substrates with temperatures between 0°C and 40°C. No Primer Required.

20 Years Manufacturers Warranty

From Canada to Arab Emirates, ONE provides customers a solution for any weather conditions, it doesn’t matter if the substrate is wet, hot or cold.

Thanks to its formula, ONE is able to evaporate water / moisture from the substrate through the coating.

Winkler ONE® is the first and only highly resistant liquid waterproofing product, ideal for work on wet substrates with temperatures between 0°C and 40°C

See the Winkler ONE YouTube Video - How to waterproof a wet substrate

Anti-Slip As Standard

EN13036-4 Method for measurement of slip/skid resistance:

The minimum slip resistance value that is deemed to be safe for pedestrians in public spaces is 36 PTV in the worst contaminated conditions. Winkler ONE has a standard value of 58 PTV.

Winkler ONE - BC Seal Pad


Winkler ONE® is the FIRST and ONLY highly resistant liquid waterproofing product, ideal for work on wet substrates with temperatures between 0°C and 40°C.

Resistance to negative counter-pressure (UNI EN 8298-8) 4 bar
Resistance to positive pressure (UNI EN 1928) 6 bar

Fast Curing at 0°C

It is a fast curing product that resist at high and low temperature remaining stable at thermal shocks. It tolerates precipitations in a short period of time after its application. Although not fully cured, the product is rain-proofed after just a few hours from its application.

The need of new products and solutions is detected and studied by the Winkler R&D personal since 1987, both in the laboratory and directly with coating applicators onsite.

The average roofer loses approx. 30% of his potential yearly income because he cannot easily waterproof during wintertime


  • Ready to use- Long Pot Life / Reusable

  • High breathability 

  • Fast curing 

  • Very high resistance to positive and negative hydrostatic pressure 

  • VOC Zero 

  • No primer needed 

  • UV 100% resistant 

  • Water ponding /stagnation resistant 

  • Applicable on metal 

  • Applicable in wet condition 

  • Applicable in extreme conditions (0ºC or 40ºC)


  • Brush
  • Flat trowel- Squeegee
  • Short haired roller
  • Airless spray gunUses
  • Flat roofs
  • Metal roofs recover
  • Balconies or decks
  • Areas with moisture damages, including those with foot traffic
  • Concrete
  • Green concrete (cured at least 7 days at minimum +15ºC - 59°F)
  • Concrete blocks
  • Masonry
  • Fibered-cement boards
  • Ceramic tiled surfaces
  • Asphalt shingles
  • BUR cap sheets or modified bituminous membranes (oxidised minimum 180 days if smooth)
  • Plywood/ OSB
  • Wood
  • Metal


Clean all substrate surfaces thoroughly to eliminate dirt, dust, and loose materials, any form of oil or grease and foreign or bonding-proof matters. There is no need for the substrate surface to be dry, but ponding water shall be removed prior to the application of ONE.

After thoroughly cleaning the surface to be treated, apply ONE (with a consumption of 0.70 gallons/sq.ft. - 400 g / m²) evenly. Immediately lay ONE MAT (90g/m² non-woven reinforcement), by using a spiked roller, and drown it with other 1.23-1.58 gallons/sq.ft.(700-900 g/m²) of ONE.

Winkler ONE - BC Seal Pad

Note: Concrete and ridged substrates do not require ONE Mat

The use of the bubble-breaker roller after the application of the second coat is always recommended. Wait for the time required for the application of the 2nd coat (see temperature table) and complete the application with the remaining 1.05-1.23 gallons/sq.ft.(600-700 g/m²) provided.


2.98-3.35 gallons/sq.ft. (1.7-1.9 kg/m²) in two coats, with ONE MAT interposed.


1 kg pail – 1 box = 15 pcs 5 – 20 Kg pail


White- Grey- Red- Terracotta


The product in its undamaged packaging can be store for 12 months. No frost-proof. Store at temperatures between +5°C e +35°C.

Useful Tips

Do NOT dilute
Apply BC SEAL BAND (Self-Adhesive Butyl Tape) at wall to floor type corners, balcony terminations, around skylights or other alike penetrations.

Use BC SEAL PAD (Self-Adhesive Butyl Square Pad) around tubes, vent pipes, drains, etc. In case the substrate is damp, first apply a skim coat of ONE, prior to the application of any butyl accessory.

After the product dries, resume the normal application of the butyl accessories. Control cuts, contraction and/or most structural joints will be sealed, using the waterproofing elastic band WINJOINT BAND as follow:
Ensure the surface to be treated is clean.

Over the clean substrate apply ONE in two stripes 5 cm wide along each side of the joint, without covering the joint line.

Immediately place WINJOINT BAND over the wet stripes of ONE (the central part of the band will cover the joint line and the lateral wings of the band will be embedded onto the wet stripes of ONE.

After the product dries, cover the lateral wings of the WINJOINT BAND with a skim film of ONE.



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