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Wykamol Black Sump

Wykamol Black Sump

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The Black Sump Kit system comprises of a polyproplene tank, circular locking access cover (pedestrian duty, not suitable for roadways), pipework and a powerful submersible pump. The black sum chamber can be purchased separately.

The system is versatile, enabling the installer to locate inlets to their specifications. It comes with a High Level Alarm (9V), which acts as a warning system to alert the end user if the water rises above the normal operating level within the tank. The alarm is designed to activate via a separate float switch.

  • Easy to install
  • Variable inlet positions
  • Integral non-return valve to prevent back flow
  • Durable polythylene tank
  • Powerful submersible pump
  • Alarm to warn homeowners of high water levels

    Product Description Black Sump and Pump Kit Black Sump Chamber and Lid
    Packaging and Size Kit contains Pipe Work, 1 x Mini Water Alarm, 1 x Pump, 1 x Plastic Chamber and 1 x Plastic Lid 1 x Plastic Chamber and 1 x Plastic Lid