Wykamol DPC Spray Applicator

Size: Dpc 5 Litre Cream or Fluid Applicator in Orange
Sale price£62.87



This spray applicator takes up to 5 litres of DPC cream or fluid. Ideal for larger DPC applications as it can be used for long periods of time without the dropping of pressure, unlike hand operated devices.

Wykamol Ultracure is a unique silicone emulsion cream for injection into brickwork to control rising damp. Ultracure can be used in all types of masonry without the use of high pressure equipment. BBA approved.

Siliconate K is a clear, odourless concentrate of Potassium Methyl Siliconate, for the prevention of damp. BBA approved.

  • Pressure remains high during long periods of usage
  • Can be used to apply Ultracure and Siliconate K
  • Capacity of 5 litres
  • Easy to use
Product Description Dpc 5 Litre Cream or Fluid Applicator in Orange
Packaging Size 1 per pack

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