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Wykamol Powerflo Battery Back-up

Wykamol Powerflo Battery Back-up

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The Wykamol Powerflo Battery Back-up comprises of a control panel, 24V back-up pump, 3 no. float switches and a non-return valve. The control panel monitors the status of the complete system, including the primary pump, using visual and audio indicators to alert the homeowner and installer It is advised that the operation of the battery back-up is checked every 6 months (see technical downloads) to ensure your basement is always protected from water ingress in any eventuality.

  • Visual indicators to show whether there is a mains supply available (white), if there is a fault (red) and if the secondary back-up pump is running (green)
  • Audio indicators to alert the homeowner of a high water level situation
  • Monitors the entire system, not just the back-up pump
  • Battery life of 90 minutes

Product Description Powerflo Battery Back-Up
Product Code POWERFLO
Dimensions 380 mm x 300 mm x 180 mm
Packaging 1 per pack