Wykamol PowerSafe Fully Automated Battery Back Up System for Basement Drainage

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The Wykamol PowerSafe is a fully automatic battery back up system designed to offer homeowners peace of mind for their basement drainage. The system can be used on single or double pump configurations and is suitable for both ground water and foul water.

Optional - Telemetric Sump Alarm With 5m Broken Finger Float Switch


Wykamol PowerSafe comes complete with a built in GSM telemetry for complete monitoring of your pumped drainage system. It is suitable for installing either at the initial building stage, or retrofitting to existing buildings. 

The system comprises of:

  • PowerSafe Control Panel
  • Cable Cover
  • Batter Holder and Batteries (please specify number of batteries at time of order)
  • Suitable for all pumping stations above and below ground
  • High level audible alarm with mute button
  • Duty/assist configuration (alternates switching of pumps)
  • Visual indication for: 'Supply On', 'Pumps Running', 'Pumps Tripped and HL'
  • Available in both single and dual pump configuration
  • Single-phase power supply 230V
  • Automatic battery charger
  • LCD backlit display
  • Hour run meter
  • No. Start meter
  • Overlaod protection
  • Reporting of scheduled maintenance
  • Automatic load test
  • General alarm output
  • Removable front door
  • Steel box painted with powder, protection IP31
  • Integral telemetric GSM module

Wykamol Power Safe Product Guide


    Product Description Wykamol PowerSafe with optional alarm (POWERSAFE or SUMPALARMTELE)
    Product Code Please speak to your Technical Manager regarding the correct Powersafe for you
    Pack Size 1 per pack
    Storage Between temperatures of -10°C to +40°C

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