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Newton Waterproofing have an unrivalled 175 years experience. Newton are the market leaders in their field with a complete range of structural waterproofing materials to British Standard 8102:2022 type A, B and C.

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Newton Structural waterproofing materials to British Standard 8102:202 type A, B and C. Hydrobond, Hydrotank, CMD 500, 803 Waterproof and Gas Proof Membranes, Pumps, Tanking and Damp Proofing Products

Type A - External tanked barrier systems for vertical or horizontal concrete and masonry - Sheet membranes / Gas barrier membranes - Liquid coating systems - cementitious systems

Type A - Internal waterproofing barrier membranes that can be applied to the internal ‘negative’ side of the structure.

Type B - Concrete waterproofing as defined in BS 8102:2022 - Waterproofing materials for structural waterproofing through design with the integration of type B systems into the structure during construction.

Cementitious waterproofing / Cement-based polymer coating products and joint sealants

Type C - Waterproofing combination systems that manage water ingress.

Cavity drain membranes, mesh membranes, membrane tapes and fixing products - floor drainage systems - sump pumps and pipework

When it comes to waterproof applications, they have a huge range of products, from cement-based tanking powders to specialist epoxy coatings. In recent times however and since the changes to BS8102, cavity drain membranes have fast become the choice for most contractors in the UK marketplace.

Structural Waterproofing Products

Type A - External Newton HydroBond Products


External Newton HydroBond Products


Type A - Internal Newton HydroCoat Products


 Internal Newton HydroCoat Products

Type B - Newton HydroTank Products 

 Internal Newton HydroCoat Products

Type C - Newton CDM System

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Newton Waterproofing Systems

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Save £0.96 inc.VAT
CDM BaseDrain & FloorDrain Newton CDM BaseDrain and CDM FloorDrain is the drainage system used most commonly within the Newton CDM SystemNewton CDM BaseDrain - 2m sections of channel that sits
Newton Waterproofing Newton BaseDrain Drainage
Sale priceFrom £4.29 inc.VAT Regular price£5.25 inc.VAT
Save £16.11 inc.VAT
Newton CDM Overtape
Newton Waterproofing Newton CDM Overtape
Sale priceFrom £39.99 inc.VAT Regular price£56.10 inc.VAT
Save £5.48 inc.VAT
Filoform Sealant - Mastic to seal Newtonite PlugsFiloform Sealant - Mastic to seal Newtonite Plugs
Filoform Filoform Sealant
Sale priceFrom £9.95 inc.VAT Regular price£15.43 inc.VAT
Save £1.21 inc.VAT
Newton PipeworkCP PUMP Pipework and Pipework Kits TPP1, TTP2, PP1, PP2
Newton Waterproofing Newton Waterproofing Pipework
Sale priceFrom £3.10 inc.VAT Regular price£4.31 inc.VAT
Save £19.56 inc.VAT
Specialist fixing plug for securing the CDM wall membrane to the walls.  CDM Multi-Plug  Fixing plug for securing cavity drain membranes to the wall 10mm x 60mm
Newton Waterproofing Newton CDM MultiPlug Orange
Sale price£50.43 inc.VAT Regular price£69.99 inc.VAT
Save £53.88 inc.VAT
Hydrobond SA 1.05m x 19.05mNewton Hydrobond SA - SA2K - 2K - Sealing adhesive 10kg -
Newton Waterproofing Newton Hydrobond SA
Sale priceFrom £156.12 inc.VAT Regular price£210.00 inc.VAT
Save £15.61 inc.VAT
Limelite Whitewall One Coat Plaster is designed for use on cavity drain membranes and solid substrates, such as brick, block and stone.
Newton Waterproofing One Coat - Limelite Whitewall Plaster
Sale priceFrom £36.34 inc.VAT Regular price£51.95 inc.VAT
Save £75.89 inc.VAT
Newton HydroTank 315 WaterbarNewton HydroTank 315 Waterbar
Newton Waterproofing Newton Hydrotank 315 Waterbar
Sale priceFrom £79.10 inc.VAT Regular price£154.99 inc.VAT
Save £26.99 inc.VAT
Newtonite Mesh Plugs (A16) – For fixing NewLath 805 Mesh Membrane to walls.NEWTON 800 MESH PLUGS (A16) The fixing plug for fixing Newton 805 Newlath to walls. Use a 7 mm SDS drill bit to drill through membrane and substrate prior to hammering home the fixing plug.
Newton Waterproofing Newton Mesh Plugs
Sale price£23.00 inc.VAT Regular price£49.99 inc.VAT
Save £12.93 inc.VAT
Newton CDM Joint Tape
Newton Waterproofing Newton Waterseal CDM Joint Tape
Sale price£34.83 inc.VAT Regular price£47.76 inc.VAT
Save £24.08 inc.VAT
Visqueen Self Adhesive Membrane - SA Membrane 1m x 20m -Visqueen Self Adhesive Membrane - Post-Applied Self-Adhesive
Newton Waterproofing Visqueen Self Adhesive Membrane
Sale priceFrom £65.52 inc.VAT Regular price£89.60 inc.VAT
Save £33.95 inc.VAT
Newton CDM Fibran XPS-500C is a 50mm deep, closed-cell thermal insulation board made from rigid extruded polystyrene foamNewton CDM Fibran XPS-500C is a 50mm deep, closed-cell thermal insulation board made from rigid extruded polystyrene foam (XPS).
Fibran CDM Fibran XPS-500C
Sale price£78.74 inc.VAT Regular price£112.69 inc.VAT